Basic Snake Arms for Belly Dance

Beginners, Snake Arms

This video from Live Strong features Nadia Moussa demonstrating how to do Snake Arms in BellyDance.

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Basic Hip Movement Variations

Beginners, Hip Circles, Hip Raises

This lesson comes from a series from Belly Dance Boulevard. They have created a whole series of basics for beginners which can be viewed here on their website (I highly recommend you go and work through all of them).

This video shows a variety of basic hip movements.

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Belly Dance Layers

Choreography, Intermediate

This video is just a selection of moves from a new video from Leyla Jouvana, showing how to create Belly Dance Layers, but I think it give a good taster of what you can achieve.

You can purchase the full video on Amazon of Layers with Leyla

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Circle Step Turn

Circle Step Turns

Amira Nagi is a dancer with Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Here she shows you how to perform a Circle Step Turn:

It’s a fairly basic move but the turning can really throw beginners.

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Scarf Belly Dance Choreography

Choreography, Intermediate

I was listening to a Bond Cd the other day and thought that Senorita would be great to dance to…then I found this video. Someone beat me to it!

I have added this to the Intermediate category because, although it has been created for a beginner class, it does require a certain amount of knowledge of belly dance moves, plus you will need to break the moves down for yourself from the video.

Just love this music! And HUGE props to Ebony from Australia who is the choreographer of this piece. See more at the Ebony and Ivory channel on Youtube

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Another Great Belly Dance Warm-up


Here’s another great belly dance warm-up video as well as another video from Everybody Bellydance:

This is a nice and gentle way to warm-up your muscles before dancing.

Don’t forget to check out Everybody Bellydance’s blog:

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Side to Side Torso: Basic Upper Body Isolations

Beginners, Upper Body Isolations

I’ve just found some great videos from Everybody Bellydance. They are recorded in Spanish but with English subtitles. This video shows some basic upper body isolations – the side-to-side torso movement:

Be sure to check out their website for more videos:

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Tribal Bellydance DVD

Belly dancing DVDs

If you love Tribal Bellydance and are looking for a good instructional video, this one from East Coast Tribal is a popular choice. Featuring Sera and Soltice Dance Ensemble, it offers instruction and choreography for a range of experience levels:

The dvd is also good for muscle conditioning and combines elements of Ballet, Modern, American Tribal, jazz and hiphop.

Click here to view the Tribal Bellydance DVD details on Amazon

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Drum Solo: Advanced Choreography

Advanced, Drum Solo

In this video Rania demonstrates some advanced choreography for the drum solo.

This video is supplied by and all seven parts (over 30mins of video) can be viewed at

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How to Play Zills Part 1

Intermediate, Zills

Zills or Sagat are finger cymbals that many belly dancers use while they are dancing.

Many people think of zills as props but they are actually musical instruments. A good quality zill will make a lot of difference to the sound quality and the contribution you make to the music.

This first video from Inanna Brint Ali introduces you to the Zills and tells you more about what to look for when buying:

Part 2 has not been posted yet to Revver but I will bring it to you as soon as it is.


Check out Killer Ziller, if you would like to learn how to play the finger cymbals


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